A Solid Track Record of Proven Success

Dynamic Motion

Dubai, UAE

Scope: 2005 - Security, Transportation, Freight and Customs

We wish to thank you for the excellent job your company has performed. Uploading, customs clearance and delivery with security were done immaculately. We recommend Babylon Eagles Security Company to any company that needs transportation, transportation with security inside Iraq. We welcome any inquiries from your potential clients. - Dynamic Motion

MTC - Atheer Telecom

Various locations in Iraq

Scope: The nation-wide providers of GSM communications in Iraq, BESC has a long-term contract with Atheer Telecommunications and Iraqna Telecommunications to provide security for all its personnel and cell towers at 1,300 sites throughout Iraq.

Results: Since 2003, the nation-wide cell tower network is the only infrastructure in Iraq that has experienced no disruption of service or damage.

"MTC - Atheer Telecom presents its thanks and respect to Babylon Eagles Security Company for its response to the recent terrorist attack against our Headquarters. The presence of Babylon Eagles Security team and its fast reaction has filled our staff with confidence. We also wish to thank Babylon Eagles Security Company also for its constant and superb attention to detail regarding security, facilitation, vehicles and timing in all matters."

Ali Al Dahwi
Executive Manager and Vice President
Government and Reulatory Affairs
MTC - Atheer Telecom


McLean, VA

Scope: Water Treatment Facilities Refurbishment - Basrah

"Bechtel awarded a $2 million US dollar subcontract awarded to the Shawkat company, ICCC, for the refurbishment and replacement of civil, mechanical and electrical facilities at the various water treatment plants in Basrah. The project included: R Zero Water Treatment Plant, Hartha Water Treatment Plant, Bradyia Water Treatment Plant (2 projects), and Jubayia Water Treatment Plant (2 projects.) The subcontract work commenced in early 2004 and was completed in Sept. 2004."

Ian Gair
Subcontracts Manager
Bechtel International Systems Inc.

Galaxy Scientific Corporation

Arlington, VA

Scope: Civil Engineering and Construction projects Central Iraq Microwave System

Mr. Shawkat, please accept my favorable reference for the use of your construction company, ICCC under the very capable leadership of Mr. Mouyed Hamza, General Manager. ICCC has performed civil engineering and construction activities under time and materials (T&M) contracts with Galaxy Scientific Corporation, in support of the Central Iraq Microwave System (CIMS). I would not hesitate to recommend ICCC and your competent staff for any civil engineering and development project.

Clarence Hill
Program Manager
Central Iraq Microwave System
Galaxy Scientific Corporation

Republic of Iraq

Ministry of Interior

Scope: 2007 Intelligence leading to the capture and of terrorist networks

"The Ministry of Interior wishes to recognize Babylon Eagles Security Company for its cooperation in delivering very important secret information, that has led to the capture of many terrorist networks. We present you with our thanks and deepest appreciation and hope that you will continue to support our agency."

Blackwater Security Operations

Moyock, NC

Scope: 2004 - Security Services, Training & Security Evaluation, Dohouk, Iraq

Blackwater Security Consulting, LLC, is pleased to report a successful relationship with Babylon Eagles Security Company during a challenging security operation in support of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Dahouk, Iraq. Babylon Eagles provided trained and vetted personnel to perform security related work for the above referenced contract.

Mike Rush
Vice President
Blackwater Security Operations

Orient Transport

Amman, Jordan

We are pleased with the performance of your company and would like to thank you in particular for the time and effort you have expended to complete this contract. We look forward to more cooperation between our firms in the future.

Ramy Naber
Managing Director
Orient Transport

United Nations/The Independent Electoral Commission for Iraq

Scope: Securing Voting Process and Ballots


Other Clients Include:

  • Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA)
  • Ernest & Young Consultants
  • International Foundation of Election Systems (IFES)
  • Trident Engineering Associates, Inc.
  • Motorola, Inc.
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Sheraton & Meridian Hotels