The Skills To Get The Job Done

The capabilities of BESC include a wide-range of integrated, Class 5 security services to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective protection.

Services include:

  • Security briefings with detailed information on current safety threats and evacuation procedures in the areas where client's employees will be traveling, working and lodging
  • 24/7 Critical infrastructure protection
  • Life support
  • Ground transportation options include: BMW's and Mercedes sedans, trucks and SUV-hardened convoys
  • Satellite phones and a VHF radio station designated for communication with all sites and BESC vehicles
  • Secure, reliable transport inside Iraq for people and cargo
  • Fixed-site Security
  • Tracking/Locating Capabilities for people, vehicles and assets

Turnkey Solutions:

With the Shawkat group of companies and existing partner relationships, BESC can provide a complete range of services for organizations coming to Iraq for business exploration and development.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Full range of security solutions
  • Logistics and supply solutions
  • Secure telecommunications and IT support
  • General contracting / Man camps
  • Food Service
  • Program management
  • Interface with municipalities
  • Access to equipment and materials
  • Highly skilled personnel

Babylon Eagles also makes available a fully staffed secured luxury Villa in the Mansour District of Baghdad for the convenience of its clients. It is fully equipped with all amenities including: five comfortable bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, communication services and IT support, work stations, TV's, refrigerators in every room, cooking and maid services as well as secure transportation.