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Mudhar G. Shawkat, Ph.D.

Dr. Shawkat is Chairman of Babylon Eagles Security Company. He has owned and managed businesses in Canada and in Iraq and whether by direct involvement or by association, he has been a key influencer of Iraqi politics since 1991.

At the forefront of Iraqi opposition leadership from 1991, Dr. Shawkat was one of the decision makers in the top leadership group that was involved with taking down the Saddam Hussein regime.

He was the Head of the Iraqi National Movement (INM) which was one of seven Iraqi opposition organizations that were approved by Congress for funding by the US Department of State through the Iraqi Liberation Act.

Dr. Shawkat was the Head of the Free Iraqi Militia that fought for the liberation of Iraq in 2003 and subsequently was an alternating member of the governing council of Iraq in 2003. He was a candidate for the positions of Vice President of Iraq, Minister of Finance, Minister of Interior and Minister of Defense, but declined.

With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Shawkat is one of Iraq's most innovative business leaders and political influencers. In addition to BESC, he is the Founder and CEO of five other organizations in markets including: telecommunications, electronics and construction.

Dr. Shawkat received his Ph.D. in Sedimentology and his Master's degree in Geology from Newcastle University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. He received his Bachelor's degree in Geology from Mosul University, Iraq.

Babylon Eagles Personnel

In almost all security-related endeavors, the human element is most often the deciding factor between success and failure. To that end, Babylon Eagles Security Company has assembled a team of industry experts to provide the knowledge and experience to confidently address today's complex security issues. BESC provides clients with high-ranking veteran military, Special Forces, intelligence and law enforcement professionals with demonstrated field operations performance - tempered with mature experience.