Babylon Eagles Security Company (BESC)

Babylon Eagles is an Iraqi-owned and managed organization with a track record of success in risk management and security protection.

Since 2003, Babylon Eagles has operated one of the largest security contract in Iraq and has a distinguished history protecting national and international enterprises.

We currently employ over 9,000 security personnel under the direction of 120 operational managers in command centers in Baghdad, Kut, Basra and Faluja.

The depth of our knowledge of the region, combined with long-established relationships with tribal and religious leaders throughout central and southern Iraq, enables BESC to provide security services that are completely harmonious and supportive of the local community.

The rebuilding of Iraq offers lucrative potential to leverage the country's natural resources, geographic location and people. BESC provides unsurpassed safety assurance for international clients in the commercial sector, government entities and individuals who wish to capitalize on available opportunities in Iraq.

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